Founder of Nada Brahma

Julene is the founder of Nada Brahma, the art and science of music and the brain.

Nada Brahma was founded with the ultimate goal of unlocking new worlds of musical experiences so as personalising and socialising musical engagement for your wellbeing and potential.

Julene is at the cutting edge of interdisciplinary research in music-health-culture and has worked alongside Dr. Cathy Malchiodi (Founder of Trauma-Informed Practices & Expressive Arts Therapy Institute), Dr. Robert Polnicky (Neural-Performance), Dr. Mercedes Pavlicevic (Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy), Dr. Angela Impy (Applied studies in music), Dr. Amit Goswami (Consciousness) and Alexander Laszlo (Virtual Learning and Systemic Innovation) to name a few. She specialises in integrative programs and in developing research-backed applications.

She holds two relevant Masters Degrees from Royal College of Music and SOAS, University of London and is certified in the renowned TimeWaver information field devices, as well as Trauma-Informed Practice.  Julene has also worked as a Composer and Director for many international and cross-cultural projects. This relevant experience enables her to understand the creative process, compositional methods, social aspects of music as well as therapeutic processes and how they can all be enhanced by the design and features of the Nada Brahma platform.

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