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Julene is the creator of ‘Musical Nutrition™‘ a groundbreaking transdisciplinary framework diagnosing ‘how the benefits of music operate’ for specific people, contexts and health conditions. Julene has also invented the ‘Tonal-Spatial Musical System™‘ and the ‘Rhythmic-Temporal Musical System™‘ which provides musical tools and frameworks for Composers to write music for specific types of psycho-emotional and psycho-physical benefits. Through her pioneering research she founded the Nada Brahma platform.

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Julene’s interdisciplinary research has been on social and cognitive aspects of music. She has worked with Dr. Angela Impy (SOAS, University of London) as well as various NGOs understanding the social impact and social processes of music. Dr. Mercedes Pavlicevic (Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy), Dr. Cathy Malchiodi (Trauma-Informed Practices) on understanding therapeutic and clinical frameworks of music. She has also worked with Dr. Robert Polnicky on Neural Performance and cognitive aspects of Music. Alongside this she has extensively researched frequency and information field medicine with TimeWaver Academy and The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research. Her groundbreaking transdisciplinary frameworks for music are being taken forward by The World Academy of Art and Science.