Singles Out in Summer 2015!

As a run up to her debut album, Julene will be releasing ‘Juliet’ a hauntingly beautiful love song and an exciting salsa called ‘Mystery’

Performed by The National Radio Symphony of Bulgaria and The National Radio Jazz Band and Produced by Serdica Music.


Julene’s project Manush has now documented over 900 songs from the Bauls of Bengal. The project will be moving forward to work with the Baul Saints and Gurus to put together a music education project in the Bengal region using ‘Pala Gaan’ or the ‘teaching songs’.

The Land of Immortality, National Theatre of Bahrain, Dec 19–20, 2013

Julene is the Composer and Artistic Director for ‘The Land of Immortality’

The Land of Immortality is a love story about Noora and Khaled which takes place in the ancient Dilmu period of the Gulf. Noora and Khaled’s fear of being separated by death sets them on a journey to find the flower of immortality which lies beneath ancient Bahrain. Julene incorporates ancient Dilmun poetry with mesmerizing orchestral fusion music, and contemporary dance. The Land of Immortality is a dazzling production which features Julene as an Artistic Director and Composer.