Julene is an innovative Composer, Artist, Director and Independent Academic with a deep knowledge and love for sound and its multi-faceted range of benefits. She continually aims to develop musical innovations and new working methods which can enable more people to engage in creative and transformative experiences.

More Than A Pretty Face


Julene has written for Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Ensembles as well as music for a number of Cross-Art, Dance Theatre and Media productions. On many of her productions, Julene has been Musical Director as well as Artistic Director. As an Artistic Director she has collaborated with costume designers and choreographers as well as the production team on wider aspects of the production.


Julene sings in English, Spanish, Bengali, Arabic and Italian and plays piano, guitar, viola and percussion. She has on many occasions performed in productions for which she has composed the music for.

Social Impact Innovation

Julene’s background includes a Masters in Advanced Composition and Alternative forms of Sound Manipulation from The Royal College of Music. She also holds a second Masters Degree in Music and Development from The School of Oriental and African Studies, which includes research in Applied Ethnomusicology and Community Music Therapy. She also holds a Certificate in Medicine and the Arts from University of Capetown and is a Certified "Expressive Arts Therapist for Trauma Related Disorders". She is also is Certified as a Quantum Integrated Therapist with the TimeWaver Frequency Devices. She currently is on the faculty of The Laszlo Institute for New Paradigm Research.


Julene has collaborated with scriptwriters, dancers, artists, and world renowned orchestras and musicians including Chris Tsangardis, Talvin Singh, Maestro Selim Sahab, Tony Henry, Ghada Shbeir and Kuljit Bhamra (to name a few) on international productions.

She has also collaborated with Quantum Physicists and scientists, NGOs and charities as well as with Ministries of Culture on historical productions.

Julene Collaborates for:

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Music for a Better World

Visionary pursuits include works for a broad variety of humanitarian causes. Julene is continually researching, initiating, collaborating and engaging in projects that explore the role of music in addressing world issues, she is particularly interested in the role of music in health and education. Julene is constantly seeking ways to combine the most recent scholarship and applied research methods into the creative processes and content of her projects and productions..