Julene is an innovative artist and scientist, with a deep knowledge and love for sound and its multi-faceted range of benefits. She defies categorisation. As an artist she is inspired towards deepening and expanding the emotional spectrum of music. As a transdisciplinary scientist she is dedicated to broadening intellectual horizons. She is passionate about using both her art and her science for societal transformation.


Born in Washington D.C., USA. half Bangladeshi and half Italian as an Artist one of Julene's fortes is cross-cultural fusion. She has composed Arab-Classical music for H.E. Shaikha Mai Al-Khalifa, she has brought together the music of the Commonwealth Countries for Queen Elizabeth II and has collaborated on varieties of South Asian fusion with legends Kuljit Bhamra and Talvin Singh. Her cross cultural compositions range from Latin-Classical works to Korean-classical fusions, with performances in concert halls to well known festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Classically trained at The Royal College of Music and the Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne) as well as well versed in many non-western musical traditions, Julene is a genuine cross-genre and cross-cultural composer.

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Julene is driven by the visionary pursuit of unlocking the multifaceted benefits of music for societal transformation. She is deeply involved in systemic social movements in Global Health and Global Education. She is dedicated to re-inventing and expanding the role of music in health and education as well as it's role in catalysing systemic social movements.

Julene is collaborative by nature. Both her art and her science are driven by her desire for benefiting and impacting society. Julene advocates disruptive sustainable innovations and systems change and has created the socio-systemic framework for high impact innovations.

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Julene is a transdisciplinary thinker. "What is at once in and between all disciplines and beyond any individual discipline...the quest for the unity of knowledge is the ultimate quest for knowledge" - Garry Jacobs CEO - The World Academy of Art & Science. She contributes regularly to transdisciplinary think tanks such as The Laszlo Institute and The World Academy of Art & Science pioneering a paradigm shift in both thinking and practice of arts, health and education.

Julene has collaborated in research projects for music as precision medicine, information field medicine, neuro-cognitive studies on music, trauma-informed practice and specialises in personalised integrative health programs and research backed applications.

Julene has spoken at The Tesla Congress in Belgrade, The Courtauld Institute of Art in London, World Academy of Art & Science in Rome, Science 21 in Prague, Existential Consciousness Research Institute in Germany and has spoken on philosophical science and consciousness with Ervin Laszlo and Amit Goswami.

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Topics for public speaking include:

The Science of Sound
What it means for the
Future of Art & Science.
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Global Health
Social Detriments and
Social Medicine.
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Information Medicine and the Health Sciences of the Future
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How to Educate for our Future
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Understanding the Paradigm Shift
Why we have to shift the paradigm before it crashes.
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