Julene speaks at Tesla 2017!


Julene speaks at Tesla 2017!

Julene presents her fascinating research on Quantum Integrative Harmonic Therapies at the Tesla 2017 Conference in Belgrade!

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‘Health’ so far has been defined as ‘the absence’ of illness rather than a process for the unlocking of human potential. ‘Medicine’ so far has primarily been ‘symptomology’ (the treating of symptoms) rather than analyzing the root causes of illness. Scientific materialism has played a significant role in the dehumanization of healthcare, and the ‘mind-body’ relationship is still only emerging in the holistic health world. There are however fascinating insights and holographic data, which are now available through Quantum Technologies. This presentation will be re-defining the principles of medicine and presenting the keys on how and why Harmonic Therapies could well be the way of the future.

– Julene