The Challenge of Love

Julene and ElectroD Music are proud to present Julene’s second maxi single release titled “The Challenge of Love”, a classic ballad for you to enjoy.

Julene and ElectroD Music are proud to present Julene’s second maxi single release titled “The Challenge of Love“, a classic ballad for you to enjoy.

Also including a special event:

Global Peace Meditation: The Challenge of Love

The death toll from the last decade of wars are of a devastating scale…an unnecessary scale. From greed, corruption to oil and propaganda…we’ve wielded hatred, bigotry and ignorance..and have traumatised hundreds of thousands of human souls. The Challenge of Love is for me about the challenge to face what we’ve become and about the hope and understanding that the current state of affairs is not what has to be. For those who have a romantic or intimate event planned this valentines day and for those who don’t, I ask that you put aside 30 minutes to think, reflect, meditate and feel compassion for those who are spending their valentines day in a refugee camp, in poverty and hiding from the violence of war. This Valentines Day I’d like for us all to meditate on why it’s such a challenge to love…and I hope through the release of this music combined with a meditation of compassion we can all individually and collectively take a step towards the individual and collective changes that will carve the path for genuine human progress.

Join me, Julene, this Valentine’s Day @4pm GMT on February 14th, 2016 for the music release of The Challenge of Love with A Global Peace Meditation.

With love for humanity and the universe,

Julene xxoo

The Challenge of Love is out now and available at the following online stores:

The Challenge of Love

Artist: Julene
Title: The Challenge of Love
Label: ElectroD Music
Genre: Classic Ballad
Date: February 14, 2016
Format: FLAC, MP3, WAV
Length: 6:30

Original Words & Music Composed by: Julene Siddique (UK)

Performed by: Serdica Chamber Orchestra (Bulgaria)
Produced by: Maximiliano Naselli (Bulgaria)
Editing & Mixing by: Sound Pressure Studios (Portugal)
Mastered by: Michael White (USA)
Artwork Cover by: Sum Angelus Dei (Canada)
Distributed by: ElectroD Sound Distribution (Canada)

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