Those who know me, know that for me, music is a lot more than music. I definitely would not stand by anyone who condemns music to simply be mere entertainment. What I stand for is humanising a dehumanising world. And I believe that music/arts play a critical role in that process. For me, music really is the expression of the soul.

Our consumerist society and manufactured music industry has created an unhealthy association that artists can not be or should not be intelligent and perhaps we should just dance around in sparkly cloths and create an artificial icon for the latest most profitable trends. Music and art is soo much more than that. And a real artist is so much more than that. We are philosophers, we are activists, we are scientists, we are mathematicians, we are healers, we are revolutionaries, we are the spiritual seekers tapping into other worlds and giving them life through song. Writing music is a form of communication between you and your inner self and sharing it one of the most profound ways of social communication and bonding through the most intimate ties that connect us.

My life is dedicated to sound/music/arts and finding the most profound ways to apply music/the arts for humanising of what currently remains a dehumanising world. When I write music for theatre shows, I try to make them moving and inspiring and sometimes even bring people into other worlds so they can experience what they previously thought might not have been impossible. When I write songs, it’s usually a way that I explore things within myself as well as musically. I hope what I experience through my music can also help others the way it’s helped me.

I continually seek knowledge. I’ve undertaken interdisciplinary research on the intersections between arts, health and society. I’m passionate about improving well being, exploring human potential and cultivating the value for humanity through music and artist communities.

My research has definitely inspired my music and productions. My motivation for combining creative processes with applied research methods comes from understanding the potential that’s inside every human being. When directing a project I seek to combine artistic innovation with cutting edge scholarship for humanitarian objectives.

As our current music industry stands on it’s last legs, I’m filled with hope. Hope that stems from having meet and collaborated with amazing inspiring people and aware of the cutting edge knowledge that is beginning to rise, I know there is a cultural revolution on the way. I know the power of innovation. I know the multi-faceted power of music and arts and the very great role that it will play…for me it’s more than a vision on the horizon…it’s something that I know is destined to break through…a creative unstoppable force and common human language that will enable us to understand our common humanity and play a key role in unlocking human potential.